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February 12, 2016, 4:17 PM

A Note on the Purpose and Scope of this Blog

Before I begin, a note on the purpose and scope of this blog: Because we do not publish a printed newsletter at Holy Spirit, but rather rely on more extensive weekly announcements, I have been working on an accessible way to post a regular “Pastor’s article” for the congregation.  One way I thought of doing this was to post at least a monthly article on this blog tied to our website.  Thus, these posts will often take on the form of a monthly article meant to encourage and inform the people of Holy Spirit Lutheran in Grand Blanc about matters of faith and life particularly in our context as an ELCA Lutheran church in the metro Flint area.  However, I imagine there will be other readers outside the congregation as well, which I will keep in mind as I write--and I hope you will as well. 

In addition to articles that I write, there may also be some links to other blogs and news information that I find meaningful enough to share for your encouragement.  I will structure such links in the context of a short post that explains what the article is about, but make it clear that the link is to the work of another author.

The site also has “RSS Feed” capability, so by signing up for the RSS feed, you should receive an announcement to let you know every time new information is posted.

Finally, please note that this blog is a work in progress.  It may morph in scope and purpose in time; I will do my best to make it clear if or when that happens, but as with all things at Holy Spirit Lutheran, we trust that the Holy Spirit is at work to transform us in ways we don't always see or realize in the moment.  Thanks for reading, and may the words shared in subsequent posts enrich your faith and life!

Peace and Blessings in Christ,

-Pr. Nathan

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