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HSLC Response to Governor Whitmer's "Stay At Home" Executive Order
March 26, 2020, 3:00 PM

The following is a brief update regarding church activities in response to Governor Whitmer's "Stay At Home" Executive Order that went into effect on March 24, 2020.

In order to abide by the governor’s Executive Order, we are closing the building except to essential personnel who will be here on a limited basis.  They will have a letter from myself and President Mike Lipka identifying them as an essential staff person or volunteer.  We will also abide by the six foot social distance protocol required.

That also will likely change the way we will be doing live-stream worship.  We want to continue to provide live-stream from the sanctuary, but with as few people as possible.  If that becomes unworkable in the weeks ahead, we will switch to recording videos from our homes.

Some of you have asked what the Governor’s order means for Holy Week and Easter Worship.  They will, out of necessity, be remote worship.  But remember, Easter is 7 weeks long, and we are intending to have a Festive Easter service once we are allowed to gather together again as a congregation.

Finally, after talking with SEMI Synod Staff and colleagues via video conference, we have been advised that clergy should plan to do pastoral care via phone or video conference only.  There are simply not enough medical supplies to go around at this point, and we cannot in good conscience take protective equipment and supplies from medical personnel.

With prayers for us all in this time of pandemic,

-Pr. Nathan