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October 18, 2018, 12:19 PM

Revolutionary Giving Series

When I was in Philadelphia earlier this year, I worshiped with my children at historic Christ Church.  It was a powerful experience to worship at this Episcopal church founded in 1695, whose building dates to 1744.  But even more inspiring was to sit in the pews and worship where revolutionaries like Benjamin Franklin, Betsy Ross, Benjamin Rush, George Washington and John Adams once did.  To sit there and reflect on the revolutionary leaders was one thing, but to worship there became a reminder of how revolutionary our faith in Christ is for our lives.

In the coming weeks, we will be reminded of this in our Gospel readings:

  • On October 21, we will hear Jesus invite us to  revolutionary serviceby becoming a servant of all, not just a servant to our own self-interests.
  • On October 28, as we commemorate the Reformation, we celebrate the revolutionary freedom we have in Jesus as he says, “if the Son makes you free, you will be free indeed.”
  • On November 4, we remember those who have died even as we claim the promise of the resurrection - because eternal life gives us a revolutionary spirit of hope in which we live.
  • On November 11, we look on with the disciples as Jesus points out the revolutionary giving of the widow who put in “everything she had” as her offering to God.

Taken together, all of these readings suggest that a life of discipleship is about responding generously to the revolutionary love and grace that God has first given us for the sake of building up God's kingdom. Yet, even though we know this is true, it can still be hard. We still need regular reminders and each other’s mutual support.  So as part of the stewardship program this year, you will be invited by letter to review your finances and consider increasing your offering for the coming year. 

If we work together, the Stewardship Team believes we can: 1. maintain our current ministries, 2. raise funds to repair our parking lot, and 3. continue to reduce our mortgage debt in 2019.  All of these goals will help us maintain our outstanding ministries and beautiful facilities to the best of our ability.  More information about each of these areas will be shared in the weeks ahead.

Please pray about this request and respond as God leads you.  On November 4th, our Consecration Sunday, we will present our Statements of Intent for 2019 during the worship service. You are also welcome to mail your statement of intent to the church office if you cannot be present on November 4th.  Then, on November 11th, we will celebrate with a congregation-wide Thanksgiving meal following the 10:30 service.

Thank you all for being a part of Holy Spirit Lutheran Church.  I am awed by the ministries we do together, and the ways in which we express God’s revolutionary love and grace to the community around us.  

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