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July 17, 2019, 4:00 PM

Summer Service Adventures at Holy Spirit

People often think that church life slows down a bit in the summer.  NOT TRUE! 

In the month of June, we confirmed five young men and women, held our second food distribution for 2019, had a productive semi-annual meeting and began preparations for the rest of the summer and fall programming. 

Already in July, we had a successful rummage sale (raising funds for our Youth and Children’s ministries) and this week, we have hosted 67 members from Holy Cross, Salem and Atonement Lutheran Churches in metro Kansas City. 

This group from Kansas City appreciated our hospitality, and we in turn are thankful for all they did for us serving in the Flint community and here at Holy Spirit.  To give you an idea of all they accomplished for HSLC, in a day and a half one of their small groups:


  • repainted the main office,
  • repaired and painted the sacristy exterior door,
  • patched concrete,
  • trimmed bushes,
  • turned mulch and weeded our south flower beds,
  • replanted the north flower bed in front of Grace Hall,  
  • planted flowers in the west entrance,
  • touched up paint around the building,
  • repaired the exterior speakers,
  • shredded old documents for our administrator,
  • assembled a wheelbarrow,
  • loaded leftover rummage sale items into donation trucks, and
  • cleared part of the community garden, which we hope to plant pumpkins in for our Fall Festival. 

That is a small list in comparison to all they did in the greater community at these agencies:

  • The Food Bank of Eastern Michigan
  • North End Soup Kitchen,
  • Genesee County Parks and Recreation, and
  • Franklin Avenue Mission.

Later this summer (August 18-20), our own youth will engage in their annual "backyard mission" serving in the Flint community, which reminds me of this coming Sunday's gospel from Luke 10:38-42.  In that text, both Mary and Martha are extending hospitality in their own way to Jesus.  Martha by doing "many tasks" to prepare for Jesus, and Mary by sitting at Jesus' feet in the position of a disciple who is learning from her teacher.  In other words, service, learning, welcome, and worship all work together to help us grow as disciples of Jesus.  My hope and prayer is that you serve, learn, extend hospitality and worship God this summer, and that you are both blessed by and a blessing to others as you do.

-Pr. Nathan

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